Main aim of the project was to encourage democratic and civil participation of youngsters with lower education who has no previous experience in participating in elections or any community work.

Main achievement of the project was to help youngsters  to increase their democratic culture and civil awareness. Our main target group was 13-17 years old youngsters who had no experience in voting and engaging in community life.  This project helped to increase their understanding of democratic culture, civil awareness, active citizenship and to encourage them to take the first step and become involved in community life.  Project gave youngsters the possibility to participate in the discussion of social issues with other youngsters from different countries and create their video about local problems and share it with others. . This was the first experience  for them,  which encouraged them to be more active and more engaged in community life. 

Beside this , the workshops and specifically the boiling frog game ended up being very inspirational and thought-provoking for most participants. Especially for younger people, the game ended up opening many substantial discussions about their societies – including migration, climate change, democracy etc. The gamified intro to difficult discussions definitely helped to open up the participants and create a safe space to have deep conversations.  This experience showed them how important it is to be part of social life and  participate in the decision-making process. Project also increased not only participants’ interest in social issues but also their readiness to solve them. 

Overall in the frame of the project 5 meetings were implemented with 5 meetings with youngsters, teachers and young leaders. Meetings were dedicated to play boiled frog games which help youngsters to increase their democratic culture and civil awareness and to create space for discussions and creating the posters.

There were meetings with youngsters to prepare video content about local social problems and after to shoot video. Also preparatory meetings before creating an answer video. 

Participating in week of connection.

After all these meetings was done two meetings with youngsters for summer up and reflection.

3 meetings were done for dissemination and spreading the results. In the meeting were participating youth workers, young leaders and teachers. 

In the frames of the project meetings  were held not only for youngsters but also for youth workers, trainers and teachers. These meetings  helped to share the results and encourage them to implement such kind of activities.