Author: Sümeyye

Hope: A Spark for the Future of Human Rights​

As the world encounters chaos, human rights experience challenges. The problems that we have to face in regard to human rights can be overwhelming and exhausting. Some may find themselves losing hope for the future of human rights. However, we should remember to shine hope as human rights for people to maintain solidarity and to bring solutions to the ongoing struggles. One another thing that we should remember is how far human rights have been achieved throughout history.

Contemporary Challenges of the Digital Age: Disinformation, Misinformation and Fake News

The digital age has explicitly made our lives easier. In fact, the world is knitted together more than any time in history. The digital age enables us to reach information in seconds. Whilst the various advantages, the digitalisation brought challenges along with itself. Any information can be found online. To be more specific, as anyone can share any information, it is very easy to come across false information. In this post, I would like to discuss the reflections of the challenges in the digital age on immigrants and refugees in the context of false information and fake news.

Understanding “Peace Education”

Throughout history the definition of the term “peace” has changed due to various challenges that the world has faced. Peace education evolved around different understanding of the term. Whilst contemporary challenges in the world brought a broader and diverse definition of “peace”, peace education has become more crucial to promote peace and solidarity within communities.